Rio Lindo Academy


Rio Lindo Adventist Academy was founded nearly four decades ago to teach values that are becoming harder and harder to find every day. The mission at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy is to guide high school students towards becoming spiritually mature, socially compassionate, intellectually competent, and independently capable. Rio Lindo Adventist Academy is a co-ed, private boarding school nestled in the hills of Healdsburg. Rio Lindo boasts an excellence in academics while teaching life skills and cultivating a strong relationship with God. The high school is comprised of students hailing from more than 10 different countries.


In the late 1950s the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists set out to establish a new boarding high school where Adventist youth could live and recieve quality education. After looking at over one hundred properties throughout Northern California they chose the Digger Bend Ranch as the site for the new boarding school. Located about three miles east of the city of Healdsburg and overlooking the Russian River on three sides, the 360-acre ranch was ideal for the new school. It’s assets included accessibility, isolation, beautiful surroundings, and land that could produce a variety of resources.

Work began on the new school, called Rio Lindo (meaning beautiful river) because of it’s location by the Russian River. On Sunday, September 2, 1962 more than 2500 people gathered at the school for the official opening ceremony. Two days later the first classes began with Principal Walter T. Will and about 30 other staff working hard to make the new school a success. Enrollment for the first year was around 350 students with most of the students coming came from California but some from other states as well.


Rio Lindo Academy is located about 90 minutes north of San Francisco outside of the small town of Healdsburg, California. Healdsburg is an hour away from the coast, where whale watching and outdoor sports such as canoeing and road cycling are popular in the spring. There are local tourist shops and grocery shopping within 10 minutes of the school, and the closest city and shopping mall is about 20 minutes away.

For Adventist historians, Healdsburg used to be the site of the original Pacific Union College and Ellen White had two houses in town before she moved with the college to Angwin.

Here are some of the tourist destinations:

  • Charles Schultz Museum – The creator of Peanuts (Snoopy) was an active member of the local community here. One of his passions was ice hockey and he built an ice skating rink and museum compound before he died (20 minutes away).
  • Bodega Bay-Wildlife, sailing and whale watching (1 hour away).
  • San Francisco – An eclectic little city, San Francisco always has events, shopping, historical sites, international food, and day-long adventures.
  • The Redwoods – These tall, reddish brown trees are some of the most beautiful and old trees in the world. The World’s Tallest Tree is about 3 hours away (30 minutes away).
  • Napa Valley & Pacific Union College (PUC)-Napa Valley is beautiful, with rolling vineyards, small towns, and long straight roads for cycling. (1 hour away).
  • Lake Tahoe-One of the largest freshwater lakes in California, this pristine blue lake has some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and trail running in the country. Over winter months, Lake Tahoe receives several feet of snow and mountains surrounding the lake are great for winter sports (4 hours away).



Classes include all core subjects, religion, advanced math & science, AP History and English, Electives include orchestra, chorale, woodshop, auto body, ceramics, home arts, web design, and more. The international student price covers any extra costs for field trips and additional instruction, such as English classes. On registration day, each student takes a placement exam to place them in the right class for their English level. The exam covers writing, speaking, and grammar. Rio Lindo Academy offers 3 ESL levels called: ESL I, ESL II, and Integrated English. Integrated English is accepted as a normal English class to the University of California system. Throughout those classes, American culture, colloquialisms, and conversational English are taught.


Calendar 2012-2013
First quarter

  • August 19 – Orientation for new students
  • August 20 – Beginning of classes
  • October 17 – End of classes

Second quarter

  • October 18 – Beginning of classes
  • December 19 – End of classes

Third quarter

  • January 7 – Beginning of classes
  • March 13 – End of classes

Fourth quarter

  • March 25 – Beginning of classes
  • May 30 – End of classes

Student Life

Students live very active lives at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy. Along with daily recreational time, students participate in many activities provided by the various school clubs. The Student Association plans weekend activities, and Rio students participate in yearly traditions such as the beginning of the year Rope Pull in the river.

Each year there are around half a dozen clubs that students can be a part of. Dorm students are automatically a part of the Girls’ Club (if in the girls’ dorm) or the Boys’ Club (if in the boys’ dorm). Seniors who have been at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy for all four years are automatically a part of the Four Year Club.

There are also a couple clubs that any student can choose to be a part of. The International Club is mainly for students who come from other countries but anyone interested in learning more about other languages or cultures and spend time getting to know their fellow students better may join. The Spanish Club is another that is mainly intended for a specific group (those of Hispanic descent) but is also open to any student who is interested in learning more about Hispanic culture.



All application forms must be completed before a student’s name will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for consideration. The student will receive notification of his/her admission status within two weeks upon receipt of the completed application.

Once a student has been accepted, an official acceptance letter and I-20 form will be sent to the student (or agency) via international express mail. The student should then make an appointment with a U.S. consulate for an interview to apply for an F-1 student visa.

For information on obtaining a student visa please visit:


Tuition and fees – 2012-2013

USD$21,384/year (21384)

USD$10,692/semester (10692)

Annual Administrative Fee USD$2,000 (2000)

The full year or the first semester’s payment plus the annual administrative fee are due at registration, and if applicable to the second semester’s payment is due in January.
Tuition covers full room, meals, accident insurance, book rental, yearbook, class dues, boys or girls dorm club, International club, most SA sponsored activities, and Fitch Faces (student-staff directory).

The financial gifts from the Seventh-day Adventist church members allow for lower tuition for all students. The children of Seventh-day Adventist families receive an additional tuition discount in the amount of USD$6,120 (6120). The full year and semester tuition for a Seventh-day Adventist is USD$15,264 (15264) and USD$7,632 (7632) respectively.

Depending on student’s interests and classes some additional expenses can be expected.

Currency: $1 = 1


“Rio Lindo has become my home, and next year when I graduate and leave, I’ll miss it so much.” - Shaina Nascimento

“Going to Rio was the best decision I’ve ever made. The awesome spiritual environment has helped me grow in more ways than one. The wonderful staff will do everything possible to bring out the best in you. I have made awesome friends and memories there I wouldn’t trade my experience there for anything.” – Tatiany Souza










Degrees Fahrenheit

38° to 60°

48° to 78°

55° to 85°

49° to 78°

Degrees Celcius

3° to 15°

9° to 20°

12° to 30°

9° to 25°

The weather is very temperate all year long. In the summer, high’s can reach into the 90′s with little humidity, and the fall and winter months, the temperature gets down into the 40′s and 50′s F. In January or February the rain hits and it can rain up to several weeks at a time. A raincoat and rain boots are recommended, and a medium weight jacket.


1. What kind of health insurance do I qualify for at Rio Lindo Academy?

The health insurance provided by Rio Lindo Academy covers accidents only. It’s advised international students to have an extra insurance to cover other incidents

2. What’s the minimum age to attend Rio Lindo Academy?

International students have to be at least 14 years old.

3. What does the USD$2,000 administrative fee cover?

It covers the following:

  • cost to mail documents overseas
  • paper work and issuance of I-20 form
  • emergency
  • acitivities on campus
  • local trips

4. Am I required to take a test before being placed at classes?

Yes, since the high school system could be different, students will be required