The process of going to an institution abroad can be very difficult, long and expensive. This is the reason why Go Global Schools exists. We provide free advice necessary for you to reach your goals of studying abroad.*


You are seriously considering going to study abroad but have not decided where to go. The most frequently asked questions at this stage are:

  • What course Am I going to take?
  • How long will I stay?
  • What language do I want to learn?
  • To which country should I go?
  • Should I go to an institution small or large?
  • Should I live with a family or attend a boarding school?
  • What do I do in case I take my family with me?
  • What kind of budget will I need?


You finally decided to which institution abroad you want to attend but you do not know how to get enrolled. The most frequently asked questions in this phase are:

  • How do I communicate with the chosen institution?
  • How and what documents should I prepare and send?
  • How do I enroll?
  • How do I prove that I have enough resources to pay for my studies?
  • How do I make any advanced payment or deposit?
  • How does the education system work in other countries?
  • How will I transfer my classes from Brazil to the chosen institution and vice versa?


You have been accepted to the chosen institution but does not know how to get there. The most frequently asked questions in this phase are:

  • How do I get a visa?
  • What documents do I need to present at the consulate?
  • What kind of medical examinations and vaccinations do I have to get?
  • Will there be some sort of shuttle from the airport to the school?
  • What should I take in my luggage?
  • What kind of airfare do I buy and from where?
  • What kind of health insurance do I need?
  • How is the accommodation?
  • Will I be responsible for cleaning and laundry?
  • When and how should I make the required payments?
  • Can I work legally?

* If your goal is to study at another institution that is not on the list of schools linked to Go Global Schools, we can provide you with assistance and advice but there will be a cost for this service. Contact us to receive a quote and good luck!

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