Newbold College


The Newbold College is an international academic community,where about three hundred students from over fifty nationalities study a variety of subjects in a Christian context. As an institution of Higher Education, Newbold offers students undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Theology and Pastoral Studies and undergraduate courses in Business, Humanities and Media and the Arts. The College has a department approved and accredited by the Council of Great Britain, for learning and teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Newbold College was founded in 1901 as Duncombe Hall College in Holloway, North London. The goal was to educate ministers and church workers for the Seventh-day Adventist church. The name of the college changed several times since then and has evolved from a training school for missionaries to an international college of higher education offering courses and degrees in a wide range of subjects, but in the hearts of many teachers and students there is a commitment real with the Christian gospel. The village of Binfield in Berkshire County, where the college is located, has a rich history in itself. Less than 11 miles from Windsor Castle, it was part of the ancient Royal Forest of Windsor. It was also for a time the home of the great eighteenth-century poet, Alexander Pope, and the surrounding countryside was the inspiration for some of his poetry. In 1945, the College authorities purchased Moor Close, former home to a millionaire gone bankrupt, as the first part of what has become the present campus. One of the reasons for this choice was its proximity to the great research libraries, museums and art galleries of Oxford and London – both about an hour away. What was not foreseen at the time was the building of Heathrow Airport, some 40 minutes away, and a boon for international students.


The campus occupies 90 hectares of Newbold in Binfield, Berkshire, England, about 40 miles west of London. The nearest towns are Bracknell, about 2.4 kilometers to the east, and Wokingham, about 3 km to the west. Each city has a shopping center and train station. There is easy access to shopping centers and airports as London Heathrow is about 40 minutes from Bracknell station and Gatwick is about an hour from Wokingham station. The campus comprises 10 buildings, some of them before World War II. Its location is steeped in English history. Situated just 12 miles from Windsor Castle in Berkshire County real, the campus was once part of the royal hunting grounds. Although centuries have passed since then, the centerpiece of the campus of Newbold helps maintain a friendly presence. Moor Close, a neo-Tudor mansion, now used as housing for students, was built over 100 years ago in 1865. About the year 1911 the millionaire Charles Birch Crisp hired architect Oliver Hill to enlarge the house and in subsequent years, added a garden dedicated to the daughter of Sylvia Crisp. Hill became famous during the following decades and Moor Close, his first commission, in conjunction with the Garden of Sylvia, is now a renowned landmark in the region. Moor Close is on the south side of the central campus. The housing for staff and students are scattered across town Binfield, but the main part of the campus around the courtyard, a traditional British university. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is also located on the campus of the College and its worship services are open to all students and community members who want to participate.


Newbold College is accredited by The British Council. This accreditation confirms that the English language education offered at Newbold College is of high quality and that the teachers in the School of English have the qualifications and teaching skills necessary to provide an excellent programme for learners of English as a Foreign Language. At Newbold College you will have a lot of opportunities to practice the theory reviewed in class with colleagues from around the world, travel by tourist cities in Europe and also experience the day-to-day activities on campus. Classes are divided into six levels, from beginning to advanced. There are 18 classes offered weekly, totaling 15 hours per week in class. The classrooms have 12 students on average, reaching a maximum of 20 students per class. Students meet each morning and afternoon, thus giving opportunity for extra-class activities. Students have the opportunity to study English grammar, writing, listening and speaking. During the summer or semester course, students have the opportunity to participate in organized tours to historical places such as London, Bath, Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and Cambridge.
In addition to the English classes the following courses are offered at Newbold College:
  • Arts and Humanities (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Media and Arts (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Theology (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Theology (Masters of Arts)


School year 2012-2013

September 04, 2012 – Beginning of first semester classes
November 26, 2012 – End of first semester classes
January 22, 2013 – Beginning of second semester classes
April 23, 2013 – End of first semester classes

Student life

Newbold College is a place most people visit once and then want to keep coming back to! The international family atmosphere draws people in and offers diverse friendship networks and a wide spectrum of perspectives on the world. Although the academic life is often frenetic, visitors to campus frequently comment on its atmosphere of peaceful tranquillity particularly on Sabbaths (Saturdays). The college is situated in idyllic surroundings, perfect for reflection on physical and spiritual beauty. It is a place where the world meets, and where students and staff explore challenges together, while learning about themselves, the wider world, and about God. In many ways, the Newbold students are just like other students from around the world. They lead a busy academic life but also like to enjoy extra-curricular activities like sport, music and drama. As the Seventh-day Adventists around the world, many students at Newbold believe in developing a healthy mind in a healthy body. Some like to run and walk to keep fit, others like doing aerobics or workout in the gym. The college cafeteria serves a varied vegetarian diet.


These are the forms to be filled out to start the enrollment process. Follow the steps accordingly:

Step 1 – Application Form, Personal Statement & Reference Forms
Step 1A:

Step 1B:

Step 2 – Accommodation Options & Medical Form

Step 3 – Finance Forms


There are different views depending on various factors
such as the course duration, course type, degree of learning the English language, etc.. Check out the following details about the different types of student visa:

Type of visa duration of visa Permission to work Limitations of level of English Permission to extend the duration of the visa
Student Visitor Visa Maximum of 6 months No No No
Extended Student Visitor Visa Maximum of 11 months No No N0
Tier 4 1 year No Advanced Yes


The prices bellow are calculated per semester and are in British Pounds (official currency in England).

School year 2012-2013 English Courses Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition (12-18 hours of classes/week) £2,340 (books and trips included)
Housing (Double room) £1,160
Housing (Single room) £1,610
Food* (starting at) £815

* An average of 12 meals/week. No refund.
Prices are subject to change anytime.
*£1 = 1
*£1 = 1


“My experience at Newbold College was amazing! I experienced Christianity on a global scale, which was very important for my Christian experience and to see that my believes transcended the differences with the language, country and culture. In addition, the opportunity to travel to all over f Europe has no price.” – Lisa Murray

“My time at Newbold was one of the most memorable moments off my life. Living in a different country and being exposed to many cultures changed my outlook in life. The college was a cozy place that provided an experience for me to find wonderful friends and be challenged with interesting classes and excellent teachers. It was an unforgettable opportunity that I will always remember with nostalgia.” – Craig Beeson

“I had the privilege of studying at Newbold College from January to June of 2008. Even though my stay was not very long, it was long enough to realize how wonderful this place is. Newbold College has an excellent environment, competent and attentive teachers, students from different cultures, and a stunning location (in a peaceful, rural setting, but only 50 minutes by train from London, a busy city). It is a perfect place to make friends from around the world. Would I recommend going to Newbold College? Absolutely.”
– Polyana Wichert

“Newbold College offered me an incredible opportunity to live abroad and travel throughout Europe. To this day my best friends are the ones I lived with in the dormitory called Keough House. I recommend that you really consider going to Newbold College.” – Jared Saunders

“Studying at Newbold College was a fantastic way to immerse myself in a culturally dynamic student population. Newbold College not only provides an education, but offers great lasting friendships. The teachers at Newbold College stimulated my critical thinking, interaction and participation in class. Between London and Windsor, Newbold College is an ideal spot for an Adventist education and to experience the British culture.” – Tim Fox

“The year I spent at Newbold College was one of the best experiences of my life so far. I met people from different countries and the friendships formed will be forever. My only regret is not staying longer.” – Courtney Johnson

“My time studying at Newbold College was more than just an experience to learn a new language. I had a chance to relate daily with different cultures and different ways of thinking. Besides having a team of experienced and generous teachers, Newbold College offers a variety of programs during the academic semester. On trips, we have the opportunity to visit other British cities and their local cultures. In religious activities, we can experience the Christian way of living. Newbold College also encourages participation in sports and understanding between different cultures. I can say that having studied at Newbold College was a fantastic and unforgettable experience. I made friends from all over the world, visited amazing places and had the opportunity to live in a place very welcoming. I liked it so much that I’m returning next semester! ” – Susanne Dias













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64° to 86°

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Is there any financial aid for international students?
Unfortunately there are no scholarships or grants for international students.

Do I have to live in the Residence Halls or can I live off-campus?
If you are under 22 years of age, you are required to live in the Residence Halls unless you are married or living with your family.

Is there a family discount?
Yes, one of the family members will receive at 10% off tuition.

Do I have to pay for all fees in advance?
Usually students are required to pay for the first semester in advance.

If I receive educational allowance or subsidy am I still required to pay in advance?
If the subsidy you will be receiving is not sufficient to cover tuition plus room and board fees you will have to pay for the difference in advance. Besides, you will have to show proof of the subsidy you will be receiving.

What English test will I have to take upon arrival to be placed in the right level of English classes?
Newbold College uses the Michigan English Placement Test to place students in the right level of English proficiency.

Can I work while I go to school?
Unfortunately the new UKBA regulations say that any visa national student studying at a privately funded institution is not allowed to work.