California Preparatory College



California Preparatory College is a private, non-denominational two-year college rooted in Christian principles. California Preparatory College provides an academic bridge to students who for financial or personal reasons prefer to begin their higher education at a private, emotionally and academically supportive institution. With optimal teacher-to-student ratios, and a mentoring and personally supportive staff, California Preparatory College students have the opportunity to grow within a safe and supportive faith-based environment.

At California Preparatory College, students may either prepare for stress-free transfer into four-year programs or choose one of our professional emphasis tracks, if they need a two-year degree for specific employment opportunities. By keeping our degree programs clearly focused, California Preparatory College offers significant savings over traditional private schools, while offering a more personal and personalized learning experience. We believe that by focusing exclusively on the first two years of college, California Preparatory College provides the optimal foundation for degree seeking students. Our professors and staff can provide much more personal mentoring and encouragement. California Preparatory College welcomes students of all backgrounds, religions, races and educational goals, who desire principled, faith-based education at an affordable cost. Our teachers are here to teach you, our staff to support you, and our life counselors to help expedite your goals.


California Preparatory College began operations as a private two-year institution of higher education on July 1, 2007. For two years prior to California Preparatory College’s opening, its founders operated a small ESL and certificate program in Redlands.


The quiet, history-laden community of Redlands, California, provides the California Preparatory College family with an almost idyllic environment–its optimal weather, its wealth of cultural and recreational options, the easy availability of extended educational resources (libraries, museums, historical societies).

Within an hour of ocean, mountain or desert playgrounds, Redlands offers cultural and community life that are conducive to educational advancement. The Redlands Symphony, directed by Jon Robertson, with its free, Redlands Bowl concert series; the nearby San Bernardino County Museum, with its exhibits and collections in cultural and natural history; and the historic, century-old site that is the A. K. Smiley Library.

With approximately sixty churches within city limits, representing many denominations, the worship opportunities for Redlands residents is nearly as diverse as its population of 70 thousand people.

For those who enjoy getting out in the evening, there are more than sixty restaurants that run the gustatory gamut; there is Market Night, on State Street, blocked off one night each week for vendors and musicians; several mall areas; the Redlands Footlighters Theatre, a volunteer community theatre that produces five shows each season; and, for book lovers, a busy Barnes & Noble at the Citrus Plaza Shopping Center.


California Preparatory College offers:

  • Associate of Science: Health Science
  • Associate of Science: General Studies
  • Associate of Arts: General Studies
  • Associate of Arts: Business
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)



2012 – Fall Term
  • August 20 – Fall Semester Begins
  • December 14 – Fall Semester Ends

2013 – Spring Term

  • January 14 – Spring Semester Begins
  • May 10 – Spring Semester Ends

Student life

The faculty and staff of California Preparatory College recognize that as a school with only a day campus, the opportunities for socializing as a college unit are limited. But we also recognize the value of a campus social life to student growth.

California Preparatory College offers activities and events structured to create opportunities for our students and faculty to get to know one another.

  • Journey: Church on Campus
  • Education Day (Museum of Tolerance, Body World, etc.)
  • The Lighthouse (our chapel-like services)
  • Game Nights
  • Fun in the Sun (Bar-b-que)
  • Beach Vespers
  • Movie Nights
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Seminar Series (includes: italian, painting, gemology, travel, guitar lessons, improvisation, auditioning, etc.)

Students are encouraged to develop clubs of various mutual interests, from books to film to formal debates to various kinds of collecting and friendly competitions.

Social activities involving students with each other, and with teachers and life coaches, help to build important family, community and professional life skills such as team building, negotiation, leadership, empathic support and cooperation. The friendships that California Preparatory College students build now can enrich their whole life.


These are the forms to be filled out to start the enrollment process. Follow the steps accordingly:

Step 1 – Application Form, Personal Statement & Reference Forms

Step 2 – Finance Forms


The non-immigrant visas are intended for citizens of other countries other than the U.S., and that are going to the U.S. temporarily. The visa placed in your passport when issued, allows you to travel to a U.S. port of entry (airport, for example) and request permission from an officer of Customs and Border Protection Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to enter the United States.<!> A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States.

For information on obtaining a student visa please visit:

The steps for obtaining a student visa are:

  1. To be accepted academically and financially at California Preparatory College
  2. Receive the I-20 from California Preparatory College
  3. Schedule a personal interview through the Visa Information Service Department
  4. Pay the interview fee
  5. Pay the visa-processing fee
  6. Attend the interview with the following documents: I-20, DS-160 form online, passport valid for at least 6 months along with your old passport, original receipt of payment at Citibank’s visa application fee, a recent photo (taken within the last six months), 5x5cm (or 5x7cm), colored with white background, documents showing financial position to afford the trip and return to Brazil and that demonstrate the strong ties with the country of the person (e.g. working papers, declaration of income tax of individuals and legal entities, payroll checks, marriage / birth, proof of assets such as car, house or other property, or any other income such as rent, savings, etc..).
  7. Passports are usually returned between three and ten days after the date of the interview, via express delivery service, which is the system used by the Embassy and Consulates.
  8. Schedule airfare



California Preparatory College is committed to providing quality education at an affordable cost. Full time attendance at California Preparatory College costs $4,950 (4950) per semester or $9,900 (9900) per academic year.


“I had the interest to learn English in a few months while in the U.S., and the CEO of Go GlobalSchools, Geisa Mello, introduced me and referred me to the ESL program at “California Preparatory College” in Redlands, CA. I am grateful to her and to California Preparatory College because during four months I was allowed to take the intermediate and advanced ESL classes affordable. When I arrived I did not understand or speak any English. I finished the course with A’s, speaking and understanding English. The teachers were great friends and great teachers. The classes were fun and interesting. The school was concerned with the welfare of the students even outside of school, travel, health, group activities, Bible studies, physical activity and housing. Colleagues were professionals from other countries and all interested in helping others as well as learning. I also had the pleasure of studying with other Brazilians, exchanging knowledge and helping us to adapt in the USA. I made good friends from different parts of the world and I could learn a bit of their culture and languages. This period was the happiest of my life as well as the most fun weekends in California.” – Priscilla Costa – Sapiranga, RS





















Degrees Fahrenheit

41° to 67°

50° to 75°

60° to 92°

50° to 79°



5° to 20°

10° to 23°

15° to 33°

10° to 26°


Is there any financial aid for international students?

Unfortunately there are no scholarships or grants for international students.

Are there Residence Halls on-campus?

No, unfortunately there are no dormitories available however there are several housing options and the staff at California Preparatory College assists students in finding housing in Redlands or Loma Linda area.

Do I have to pay for all fees in advance?

Usually students are required to pay for the first semester in advance or to make a deposit before arriving at California Preparatory College.